Ian MacLarty

I live in Melbourne, Australia and make games in my spare time.


Full English Breakfast

Play with your food!

Mind the Gap

Made for #clonejamjake

Black Hole Interior Explorer

Explore the inside of a black hole

Made for the makega.me "Magic is real" pageant.


A small action game made for #clonejamtom

Suburban Garden

A little adventure game about the flora and fauna in my garden

Made for Ludum Dare 30

Sine-ski No. 40

Ski through sine waves while listening to Mozart's 40th Symphony.

Made for the makega.me "One Hit Wonder" pageant.

Gonubie Hotel

Play arcade games in a hotel in a small coastal town in South Africa.

Made for the makega.me "Series" pageant.


A puzzle game about a marooned astronaut exploring an uncharted planet.

Made for Ludum Dare 29.

Action Painting Pro

Discover your inner Pollock.

Boson X

A fast-paced rotational runner set inside a particle accelerator.

A collaboration with Jon Kerney under our Mu & Heyo label.


Survive for as long as possible or grow a tulip garden.

Made for Ludum Dare 26.

Disco Squares Deluxe

A simple colour matching game for iOS.

Office Chaos!

Sometimes I wish my day job was more like this.

Another collaboration with Jon Kerney.


Play hacky sack in the park.

My first released game.

I'm also working on a game framework that I hope to one day make useful to someone besides myself.