Ian MacLarty's Games


Red Desert Render

Desert exploration game

Tile Snap

A free adaptation of Dissembler


Milk Run

Small game with Bethany Wilksch for the Bar SK commission series


White-knuckle teleport-em-up


Forests Are For Trees

Wander a colourful forest


A VIDEOBALL riff for the 2018 Freeplay party.


Inventive puzzles for mobile and PC.

Decorate the Christmas Tree

Grim flatgame for #flatjam.


A Road That May Lead Nowhere

Infinite road trip.

Jelly Juggle

Extreme sport for your thumb.


The Catacombs of Solaris

Sneaky catacomb crawler.


Loosely inspired by some Walerian Borowczyk short films.

Black Hole Joyrider

Simple iOS game about chasing black holes through the cosmos.

The Storm

Inspired by La Terra Trema by Visconti.

Ned Kelly

Just a quick doodle to try out a new feature of Vertex Meadow, but I quite like it.

Defenders of the Weeping Quasar

A demo shmup for Amulet.

Home Improvement Megastore

For Locus Jam.


The game engine I make most of my games in.


Vertex Meadow

A tool for making explorable 3D environments using a simple paint-program-like interface.


Something small for #clonejamkitty.


A collaboration with Alex Bertram-Powell for Ludum Dare 33


Explorable 3D landscapes from your webcam.

Leisurely Sunday Drive IV: the Reckoning

A leisurely drive in the desert goes horribly wrong.

Zero Sum

Episode 6

My contribution to Experiment 26. Download for Windows or Mac.

Southbank Portrait

An exploration game made for the Freeplay 2015 Multiplicity Game Jam.


An impression of my dreams after playing Doom all day.

Fish Out of Water

A collaboration with Jack King-Spooner for his project The Stage.

City Lights

City exploration game.


Full English Breakfast

Play with your food!

Mind the Gap

A game for #clonejamjake, where the goal was to make games in the style of Jake Clover.

Black Hole Interior Explorer

Explore the inside of a black hole.

Made for the makega.me "Magic is real" pageant.


A game for #clonejamtom, where the goal was to make games in the style of Tom van den Boogaart.

Suburban Garden

A little adventure game about the flora and fauna in my garden.

Made for Ludum Dare 30.

Sine-ski No. 40

Ski through sine waves while listening to Mozart's 40th Symphony.

Made for the makega.me "One Hit Wonder" pageant.

Gonubie Hotel

Play arcade games in a hotel in a small coastal town in South Africa.

Made for the makega.me "Series" pageant.


A puzzle game about a marooned astronaut exploring an uncharted planet.

Made for Ludum Dare 29.

Action Painting Pro

Discover your inner Pollock.

Action Painting

Prototype for Action Painting Pro.


Boson X

A fast-paced rotational runner set inside a particle accelerator.

A collaboration with Jon Kerney under our Mu & Heyo label.


Survive for as long as possible or grow a tulip garden.

Made for Ludum Dare 26.


Disco Squares Deluxe

A simple colour matching game for iOS.

Office Chaos!

Defend yourself agains waves of mindless office workers.

Another collaboration with Jon Kerney.



Play hacky sack in the park.

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